We can’t stop

After “losing” her Hannah Montana-ish charm, Miley Cyrus has put on a whole new public image. She had her hair lopped and chopped and has been acting provocatively and sexually. Maybe she has been acting out because she wanted to break away from her Disney image. Would you want the world keep reminding you of your fourteen-year-old self when you are in your twenties? The song “We Can’t Stop”, along with its music video, is the latest pinnacle of maturity for Miley Cyrus. I personally do not identify with the lyrics and the craziness pictured in the video. There are unappropriated ideas and images that could cause controversy, especially given Miley Cyrus’s special status with teenagers.

The lyrics of the song are catchy and deliver a sense of hedonism. The main idea of the song is that “Life is a party and we can do whatever we want to. We can’t and won’t stop. We don’t care what others say about us.” Young, wild and frivolous, with supercilious attitude, Miley sings the song with the care-free attitude. Partying all day and caring about nothing else is the message the lyrics send me. There are several drug references in the song. “Dancing with Molly” implicates ecstasy and “Everyone in line in the bathroom. Trying to get a line in the bathroom” obliquely refers to cocaine. I don’t see much depth in this song. Yes, the song is one of the biggest hits of last summer and has a worldwide influence. But the question is: is the influence it has on people good or not?

The music video is what shocks me more. The video features the hard partying of Miley and a bunch of her friends. Some of the clips in the video seem to go too far. There is a scene depicting a girl gingerly cuts off their fingers about the knuckles, which begins oozing pink goo. And another clip I find that are kind of out of line pictures her crazy friends go wild with smoke bombs going off in their pants. A guy eating bread filled with cash, skull made of french-fries, all of which are a part of this crazy music video.  In addition, there are a lot of twerking and sticking tongue appearing in the video. This kind of video is a little hard for audience like me who is relatively conservative to appreciate.

I can’t expect wholesome entertainment out of Miley Cyrus but at least there can be less sex and drugs in her work. Something upbeat and positive is needed. Sometimes the meaning of lyrics can depend on the content of the music video. If some of the clips of this video were replaced with normal, mild party activities, the song could be less provocative and could be accepted by a larger audience. I bet the parents would not be pleased if they caught their kids mesmerized by the music video of the new Miley Cyrus style.

I appreciate the courage of Miley Cyrus to change herself and I admired what she has achieved so far. ‘We Can’t Stop” is a good pop song, but the meaning that the lyrics and the video convey is not that good and it needs some improvements.


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