Sail Music Video’s suck

One song that I like that has a horrible music video is the song Sail, by Awolnation. Their song is great and it was a huge hit when it came out. I loved the melody and even though the lyrics get a bit repetitive, the song I think still holds up. The first time I heard the song was for a sports highlight video and I was really hooked. The video had everything synced up with the music. Each time a football player would make a huge tackle, it would be right when the song would say “Sail.” Everything was so in tune and perfect in the video, when I saw the actual music video, it was a really big let down. There are technically two music videos I have seen that have claimed to be “official” so I watched both.

The first video was about a man who was at first was running away from something, but you don’t actually know at first. Then as the video progresses, you find out that he is an Illuminati conspirer who apparently found out who they were, but is now going to pay with his life. There is a light that is trying to catch him, so he tries to drown himself before he gets caught. But the light catches him and he doesn’t get away. At the end of the video, you see him being lifted into what seemed to be an alien spacecraft. I personally think that this video is the worst music video of all time. First off, it has no correlation with the music itself. Even though with the few lyrics it is hard to correlate things to, you could at least do things in sync like the sports highlights did. With each big play or big event, the scene the change and the song would be going along with it.

The second video was about a girl just singing the song with “rain” falling. Then you find out that the “rain” that she was singing in was just the water from a hose that another girl was holding. Then they just get into a fight where the girl singing kills the girl who is holding the hose and then the video ends with the girl still singing and the girl holding the hose but she is dead. Nothing progresses. I feel very against this video because nothing is done in the video. No actual work is put into this video. Maybe some editing, and that’s it, you sync up the lyrics and there is the final product. That is why I hate this music video so much.

Overall, I love the song Sail by Awolnation whilst watching sports videos, but I absolutely hate the “official” music videos I see out today.


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