Improvement Through Blog Posting

Why are we writing blogs? Probably because we have ideas and thought to express and blog is the idea platform to speak out. We post things on twitter, Facebook to express ourselves, but all of them are just some fragmented thoughts while the blog allows us to jotting down the ideas that pop up in your head and organize them in the post. We’ve been writing blogs for some time now and the blog writing experience is of great benefit to me in several aspects.

I’ve made great progress in English writing. Have rarely written in English, I consider the blog posting as a challenge. I had a hard time in finding the appropriate words to encapsulate my ideas in the first few blog postings. I would dwell on one word or one sentence for ten minutes and it would take my five or six hours to finish one blog while others could probably get it done in an hour or so. Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it. Though there are still typos and grammatical problems, writing blogs are not as painful to me as it was then. Words come to me most of the time. To write you must write. The more you practice, the more it becomes second nature and the faster you can do it. Practice, eventually, makes perfect and I, still have a long way to go.

I start to learn and think. To write a blog, one need to have more than a rough understanding of the topic. I’ve never been a passionate writer because I always run out of things to say and I know the true problem lies in my lack of independent thinking and self-study ability. Music and gender, for someone who has no culture background, is a topic that hard to comprehend, let alone discuss and analyze it with your own interpretation. Another thing is that the audience of the blog can be anybody. To make someone who doesn’t know anything about the topic actually understand it takes efforts. I have to do some research on my own in order to write. Writing blogs is an effective way to stimulate you to think. Only through constantly brainstorming can you put forward unique and in-depth insights and blog things that have some thoughts behind them.

I improve my thinking through the blog postings. After browsing the blogs I’ve written throughout the semester, I realize that these blog postings record my learning process. Blogs reflect not only the result, but also the process of my thinking. Starting from scratch, I gain a better understanding of the topic after every new blog post. I develop my own interpretation and ideas of music and gender through blogs and I do see some improvement on the ideas the blogs convey.

You are thinking when you are writing. You improve every time you write. Keeping practicing, you’ll find you’ll grow insights in every little thing. The more blogs I write, the more satisfied I feel. It is the satisfaction of expressing my thoughts. Writing blogs has been good for me and I will definitely stick to it .


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