Freedom Writing

Throughout the year, I feel that my writing has improved in a way that high school hasn’t prepared me at all. High school teaches you to have these organized, 5 paragraph essays with a whole skeleton structure and all of it goes straight to the teacher. Thus, as time goes on, you start to write like you are writing to the teacher. It becomes a mask of who you really are and your personality in your writing. In a way high school writing constricts your writing. Though it does give you the basics since you still need the organization skills to make a coherent piece of writing. At the start of the semester, we started with a blog about how gender roles influenced the music we hear and listen to today. I made a blog about it and wrote some things I believed in. Though even though it was my first attempt at trying to not write like a highschooler to a teacher, it was still very evident in my writings. As I look further on, I see that my writings have gradually become more “free” if you could call it that way. It was more informal but in a good way. It wasn’t a strict rubric essay where I was looking at a checklist to make sure I had the things I needed in my essay. Though I needed to talk about a certain topic, I wasn’t constrained by much. This is the way writing is most fun I believe. Free writings is the best because it lets the imagination do the writing instead of the brain after a long day of school or a night of no sleep. I have seen when I read back into my blogs, it is easier for me to read them and be more captivated because it doesn’t have the formalities of high school. Overall, blog writing I think has helped me do this and become a more “free” writer.


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