My writing style and ability has dramatically changed throughout the course of my blog experience. I have written nine blog entries here to date, all of which dealt with music, gender, society or some amalgamation of the three. My writing began as a very robotic style that covered topics in a cursory manor. I had never truly developed my own voice. As I kept writing, I became more relaxed and comfortable with my own thoughts. Therefore, I was able to develop a more informal voice and convey my messages better. Writing is not a single acquired skill that one is born with. Writing skills must be developed over a lifetime. My writing has improved, but I am not yet at my greatest ability.

My writing was originally very rigid. My sentences followed a specific stencil that my English teaches in high school had forced upon me. My voice was not my own in my writing. It was that of my teachers. My high school emphasized perfect sentence structure as the key to “perfect” writing. This type of writing is essential in scientific papers, but it is not universally conducive to readers. My old writing focused on advanced, vocabulary and over analysis. I would write various sentences that described the same thing with different words. This left my writing as a stagnant description with no forward progress.

Writing must be as diverse as the readers that sift through the multitude of pieces on this earth. Occasionally very serious, dry writing is needed to demonstrate data to the scientific community. Sometimes repetitive, persuasive writing is needed to convince individuals of some important topic.  The intent of these blog posts were to catch the readers’ attentions and educate or entertain them. The message was how gender and music are involved in our society. This required a more personal, conversational voice. Otherwise, it would have been a boring lecture on the same views. This blog certainly required a specific voice.

In order to change my writing style, I employed a very simple tactic. Instead of meticulously planning my writing, I just wrote. I tried to develop all of my thought. Then I would sit and just write as if I was giving a speech. I sometimes would even say the sentence out laud as I wrote it. This was the best way I could truly express my voice in my writing. This allowed my pieces to be more fluent and readable. I feel that I will be able to convey my ideas to the general public better in the future as well by utilizing this writing style.

Our abilities to write are precious gift that must be used and developed into powerful tools. Nevertheless, no one tool can be used for every job. Different writing styles are necessary for unique purposes. My old writing style was good for formal, mechanical papers to convey data. The intent of this blog was to educate and inspire the public. Therefore, I had to develop a more personal, convincing voice. Overall, my writing repertoire is now more diverse than ever and I hope to continue to improve my writing skills.


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