What I Learned From Blogging

Writing blogs was a completely new experience for me. I have heard about them, but never actively participated in them. I have to say it was quite an interesting experience. Some blogs were definitely boring to write, while others I enjoyed. I wrote about a variety of topics, each giving me a way to either voice my opinion or share my thoughts about a subject. Overall, I can definitely say writing blogs is completely different from the writing in high school assignments. It opened my eyes to a new perspective of writing.

Audience, talking to all you guys, is one of the key factors to be successful in writing especially for blogs. Blogs are not about writing to your teacher to impress them. It’s to just express what you want to say and get this through to your audience. For me, my audience was literally anyone on the Internet, but I would imagine most of my audience to be college students or people around my age. In high school, I wrote to impress my teacher and write in the way my teacher expected to receive a good grade. However, the purpose of the blogs was the total opposite. I had to write through my own voice not the impersonate voice I had in high school. Surprisingly, it was actually pretty challenging.

To be more specific, I had to make my writing sounds more colloquial; I wanted to sound like I’m having a conversation with the readers except I’m the only one talking (ha-ha). For example in the blog where I explained my top ten songs for Dead Week, I tried to explain why I chose those ten songs as if I was talking to my friends or people my age. I actually imagined myself face-to face with my audience. But I can definitely tell that I still have some traces of the “formal” writing style that I am trying to avoid. It is actually harder than I expected because I’ve been so used to writing in a voice that I would never say in real life that it became almost second nature to me to always write in this way. Basically, my English teachers had complete control over my writing.

Yea… English has never been my favorite subject. I’ve always hated writing for my English classes in high school. But writing these blogs wasn’t that bad at all. Although I explored many genres that I disliked in my blogs, writing about them wasn’t as bad as I expected. I actually had fun with a few of them and feel like I grew as a writer. I’ve kept in mind my audience and discovered many of my weaknesses. I suck at writing in detail and lack cohesion and fluency in my writing. I can tell though I’m improving in these aspects because I am aware of these weaknesses when I write and can also notice these mistakes when I reread my blogs now.

Writing blogs was definitely different from the way I traditionally write. It finally provided me a new perspective to writing. It emphasizes a deeper significance of keeping your audience in mind. The way you communicate to your readers is essential to express your points or share your thoughts. I am a computer science major, and communication is key when working with a team. All members must be on the same page and code should be easily decipherable to your teammates. I think blogging has helped me improved my communication, and I can take this with me when I actually enter the real world and have a job. I will be taking English 2 next semester, and I plan to take everything I learned from blogging with me as well to further improve my writing skills and communication.


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