Top 10 Songs For Dead Week

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Dead Week… This is one of the most stressful times for Georgia Tech students since the week right after is Finals Week. Play time is over and lots of studying shall be done. This is where most students go “Super-Saiyan” since this is the last test for their classes for the semester. For many students, this will be the test that ultimately decides their grade for each class, so they have to do well. This is the case for me. I always have trouble concentrating on my studies, so I came up with a playlist for Dead Week. I can’t focus that well when there are lyrics in a song or when the song is too “poppy”. That’s why my songs consist of more instrumentals and help listeners to concentrate.

Yup, I have classical music in my playlist. You guys probably have heard these songs and know how relaxing and motivating these songs can be. First up is Michael Silverman’s piano arrangement of “Canon in D Major” by Pachelbel. Right from the beginning, the song is amazing in that it tries to inspire you to do something great. The chords in the beginning are simple, yet the combination of them make the song so beautiful. Then, the awesome chorus starts, and you feel like you have accomplished something. This allows me personally to stay focused because I want to accomplish something at the end, and my goal is to ace my finals. Next is another popular song you guys may know: “River Flows in You” by Yiruma. The song starts with a very sad intro representing all the obstacles and problems you might have faced. When the chorus starts, you feel pumped up because it feels like you have overcame all the hardships you have faced, and this is exactly how I want to feel after finals. Next up is “Cello Suite No. I in G Major” by my boy, Bach. This song simply calms the body down. Whenever I listen to this song, I imagine myself on the chair when I’m at the orthodontist. This is the time period before the orthodontist arrives when you wait patiently for him. I would just close my eyes and listen carefully to this song calming myself before the brutal operation. These three songs represent the more formal and classical or classical-like songs of my playlist. They are simply beautiful and elegant.

“Kingdom Hearts” is my favorite video game series, for it includes characters that undergo a complex, yet amazing storyline. It also includes Disney characters and awesome OSTs (original sound tracks).  My favorite song is “Dearly Beloved- Reprise” from the Kingdom Hearts II sound track. This song is played during the introduction screen and shows the protagonist staring off into the distance. The song makes you feel like you’re doing the same exact thing contemplating what the meaning of life is. The song isn’t exactly depressing; I would say it’s more bittersweet. It’s a song about how life will get much better, and it certainly will be after finals. Next up is “Vector to the Heavens” from the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix OST.  To be concise, this song is when the main protagonist’s friend disappears for good. It was probably the climax and most upsetting moment of the game. This song is not necessarily about me being depressed but it’s such a good and beautiful song that portrayed the scene, so I had to let it be in my playlist because the song was that GOOD. “Musique Pour La Tristesse de Xion” is also from the same game. This song is a more hopeful version of “Vector to the Heavens”.  Basically, the protagonist, Roxas, and his best friend, Xion, are contemplating their existence. They are not humans and are “Nobodies” trying to find a heart to feel emotion. It’s complicated, but the main point is that the scene is really depressing, but hopeful that maybe one day they will be able to find a heart. This is also a touching song that I love. Personally, depressing and/or hopeful songs are my type of songs that help me concentrate. Last but not least from my video game section of my Dead Week playlist is “Winnie the Pooh” from the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix. This song is relaxing and reminds me of the good old days when I was a little kid. This song is basically an instrumental and more calming version of the original “Winnie the Pooh” theme. The song is just simply relaxing and really cheerful. This song should cheer me up when I’m stressed out from all the studying.

Finally, the last three songs are from October, a Korean artist I discovered from a friend. These songs are my favorites beating even my favorite K-pop, alternative rock, and classic rock songs. The songs consist of mainly piano and some drums to drive the song. “Acacia” is another calming and hopeful song. It keeps you concentrated and as a bonus, it has a really catchy piano melody for a relaxing song. In the end of the song, you can sense a bright path ahead of you and that life will be better somehow. However, this song is “meh” compared to the next two song. “Time to Love” begins with a tranquil piano melody, and then, the drum enters. Here, you can feel yourself grooving with the melody. When you’re studying, you subconsciously do this, while your mind stays focus on studying. I find myself tapping my foot and at the same time able to study every time I listen to this song. “Cherry Blossom” is my all-time favorite. It just has the most beautiful melody I’ve ever heard in my life topping all classical songs, instrumentals, “pop” songs, and every other song. With this song, you feel so motivated to accomplish your goals. You stay focused and almost feel like you’re in a peaceful setting full of “cherry blossoms”. With this scenery, there is no way for your mind to get off track from your goal. It just completely ousts all the stresses you have once the piano starts playing.

Words can’t really describe these top ten songs. You really have to listen to them to really experience the wonders they can do for Dead Week. If you are the type that can only listen to peaceful, calming, and motivating music without lyrics, this playlist is for you. Acing your finals is the goal, so try out my playlist to get motivated and stay focused. If you also want to stay calm and not get stressed out too much, listen to these songs to keep your mind from going insane.


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