Good Boy

G-Dragon and Taeyang are popular Korean hip-hop artists. They recently came out with a music video for their single “Good Boy”, and I hate it. I enjoy some of the songs by them, but other songs, such as this one, I just find annoying. A lot of their songs and music videos are westernized. They include songs that are played in the club, such as EDM and many hip-hop-related songs. Personally, I don’t really like most of these songs. In addition, their visual performances of these songs also seem to be influenced by the western hip-hop culture. “Good Boy” is a perfect representation of a western-influenced song and music video that I generally dislike.

An excessive use of auto-tune is prevalent in hip-hop music, and I find the auto-tune in “Good Boy” to be obnoxious. It just brings a bad ring to my brain because the voice doesn’t even sound human anymore. The bass of the song and electronic instruments played in this music reminds me of “Turn Down For What”. Both have a repetitive pattern of electronic music and beats and become easily predictable once you listen to the first couple of minutes of the song, for they will definitely come up again later. You easily become sick of it. The lyrics of the song further demonstrates how this song is similar to westernized hip hop. The music talks about how “badass” they are and that all the girls will notice them because they are unique compared to other guys. They are the “Good Boys”. What also is pretty annoying is the amount of times G-Dragon says “Ay!” or “Oh!”, which many American songs tend to do as well.

The visual performance of the video is similar to westernized hip-hop culture, and because of this, I find many hip-hop music videos bothersome. In the beginning of the video, before they enter the club, they seem to be at a barber shop, where the barbers are shaving the customer’s hair to form writing on the back of their heads. For example, one guy had the word “Good” shaved on his head. The new hairstyles G-Dragon and Taeyang have are also quite strange. Their hairs do not resemble westernized hair-styles, but rather, they seemed to have created their own “unique” hairstyles that just doesn’t seem “hip” to me. However, similar to western culture, they sing/rap in an expensive fancy-looking car with no hood in one part of the song. Several girls are riding in the back, and it seems weird for there to be multiple girls when there are only two men in the car. I guess that’s the culture though in hip-hop music videos: having multiple ladies and nice cars at least once somewhere in the video.

What I found rather peculiar though is that in the club there are white and African-American women and literally no Korean women. They’ve been so absorbed in adapting to the western culture that they don’t even use Korean women to promote female objectification. Funny, right? In fact, many K-pop music videos are like this. I’m not a racist or anything, but shouldn’t a Korean music video at least include Korean women? I also find the bouncing dislikable. What I mean by bouncing is that their dancing includes waving their arms and making their bodies go down to the ground quickly and back up again. Even the camera movements are bouncy, swaying from side to side and up and down. This effect causes me to feel dizzy and makes me dislike the video even more.

As you can probably tell, hip-hop is not my favorite genre. This song in particular though has so many things wrong with it for me personally. I don’t like the repetitive electronic music patterns nor the bass. I don’t like the typical female objectification and cool-looking cars in the music videos. I don’t like the dancing, the way they dress, and the hairstyles. Nothing seemed right to me from my personal musical and visual perspective. The amount of times I’ve listened to this song to write this blog gave me a head ache, and I’m sure I’ll never listen to this song again.


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