Dead Week Playlist

Hell week is finally over, thank goodness, and now I have dead week and exam week to focus on. During dead week, I will be doing A TON of studying, and lately I have been studying with music. I’ve always studied and done homework with some kind of background noise, but I only started playing music as I work, in college. When I’m doing homework, I usually listen to upbeat, lyrical rap music and sometimes pop, but when I’m studying I like more relaxed, mellow music. My studying playlist for dead week will be a combination of relaxing and upbeat alternative, R&B and rap music

Most of my playlist will be alternative, I will definitely have Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson and Who Says by John Mayer on there. These songs are good for studying because they aren’t very distracting. The instrumentals are very steady and the vocals are relaxing which makes the songs powerful enough to block out distracting background noise, but not so overpowering that the song becomes a distraction. Even though I like both of these songs a lot when I am studying they are sort of like white noise. A lot of the songs by John Mayer and Jack Johnson have similar sounds, so it is hard to tell when one song changes to the next. The consistency is helpful for focusing, which makes these songs great for studying.

When I need a little break from consistency I like to add in a little R&B. Although my playlist will be mostly alternative, I will also include some R&B songs like Teachme by Musiq Soul Child and Ordinary People by John Legend. Like Banana Pancakes and Who Says, these songs also have heavy instrumentals, but in the R&B songs, the vocals are noticeably stronger. The stronger vocals can be distracting if I am trying to read, so I find these songs to be best when I am taking a mental break, or when I am working on something technical. When I work on something technical like practice problems for calculus or chemistry my focus is less constant so these sort of songs are perfect.

Right before I take tests, I really need songs to pump me up, this is where rap and pop music on my playlist become useful. I am a strong believer in the power of positive thinking, so having good, energizing songs to get my mind in a positive place important. Lose Yourself by Eminem and Trophies by Drake will be on my playlist. These songs are motivating because of their beat and lyrics. The beats are very dominating and powerful, which empowers me when I listen to these and others like them. The lyrics are also motivating because they encourage seizing the moment and winning. The songs make me feel invincible, exactly what I need before taking a test.

So that’s my dead week playlist, Alternative with a bit of R&B. I guess it’s sort of a diverse mix, but everything on my playlist has its purpose. I guess I can only hope that it helps me focus and gets me pumped for my exams. Please, check out the songs that I mentioned and see if they would be good additions to your dead week playlist.


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