Just in case we had all forgotten about Beyoncé since the release of her controversial album, Beyoncé, she just gave us another reason to keep her on our radar. On Friday, Beyoncé released her single 7/11 earlier than expected. This alone generated lots of buzz in the “Beyhive”, but she got the attention of everyone, fans and critics alike, when she released a self-made music video for the single, only a few hours later. Many fans praised the video as being cute, personal, authentic and fun, but I completely disagree. I pretty much hated all of it, the song and video, which is a shame because I really do love Beyoncé. But everyone has their hits and misses and this was clearly a miss. The song was lacking, and the video was unprofessional and tacky.

Everyone knows that Beyoncé can sing, but if 7/11 was you’re first exposure to her, you’d never know how talented she really is. The song completely fails to showcase Beyoncé’s ability. Beyoncé is a creative, authentic songwriter whose lyrics challenge norms and open our minds. In this single she just repeats the same phrases over and over. The lyrics are random and really have no driving point or meaning. This is just another one of those catchy songs that people will sing along to on the radio. But the Beyoncé I know and love is better than this. She doesn’t need to compete with the Miley Cyruses and Iggy Azeleas to get played on the radio, because she is clearly head and shoulders above them. Beyoncé’s goal should be to impress her audience, not get air time. With this song, Beyoncé will definitely get that air time on the radio, but she’s lost sight of her goals.

The tacky video only makes the song worse. Beyoncé is half naked the entire video, wearing only underwear and a sweatshirt while she goes around her house shaking her butt and doing other random things. Unlike most, I gave Beyoncé a pass for being half-naked on her last album because it went with the themes of her songs and her songs actually had messages. Here Beyoncé is just not wearing clothes for the sake of it. The fact that she filmed the video herself makes it worse, because it wasn’t tastefully done. If the video had been professionally filmed in a tasteful way, then I could get over the fact that Beyoncé is half naked. The music video for this song seems like a video she filmed with friends one day for fun. There is nothing wrong with having fun and filming videos like this, but this is just not the kind of video that you use as the music video for a single. It is not a video that should be available to the public.

Beyoncé needs to change the musical and artistic direction that she is headed in. If she continues down this road, with meaningless songs and sexed up video she’s going to lose her true fan base. She needs to go back to an older Beyoncé and remember why her fans love her. We love her for her creativity, her talent, her social activism; we love her for so many things but not for this music video. Beyoncé could fix this single by giving it a purpose. She needs to have a reason or a cause for making this video and she needs to make it clear to her audience. In her video she just needs to put on some clothes! Beyoncé is attractive and she can let her body distract from a good song or the point of the video.

Beyoncé’s album for this single comes out on Tuesday, and I am very interested to see what it’s like. I am hoping that the rest of the album showcases Beyoncé’s talent and that this single was just a way to grab our attention. We won’t know for a couple of days, but we can hope. In the meantime, checkout the music video for 7/11 below. What do you think?


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