Men Background Dancers

The Washington Post covered a very interesting topic of gender and music with the music artist, Ingrid Michaelson. Ingrid Michaelson was known as a soft-spoken, indie songwriter. She had posted a multitude of music videos showing very surprising roles of genders. She made what people called, “gender bending” music videos. In her song, “Girls Chase Boys”, she has men wearing women’s makeup mouthing the words and being her dancers in the background. The music video was supposed to contrast a late 80s music video, “Simply Irresistable,” by Robert Palmer, just that instead of women dancing, Ingrid Michaelson used men. At first, I didn’t recognize the men when the camera shot was so close. The makeup almost completely masks the fact that they are men. The fact that they had chiseled chins, and muscles was the only discerning factor in the video for me.

Throughout the music video, the men are dancing like women, and from time to time, you can even see a women thrown into the mix wearing the same outfit and dancing like the men. You can even see a comparison in one of the scenes, where a man and a woman are lying next to each other. On one side, the woman is gesticulating seductively, while on the other side, the man is trying his best to copy the women, but without avail. Throughout the video, you can definitely tell, Ingrid Michaelson really wanted to put a point out there that people have a strange pungency to men wearing low cut shirts and dancing sexually while on the other hand, women doing it is fine.

For the actual song itself, Ingrid Michaelson herself said that in the beginning, when she was writing the song, it was supposed to be a breakup song. But then, it starts to become something more than that. It turns into a song about girl and guy relationships in general. Stereotypically, when you are talking about wanted a full on relationship, not just the sex, it is usually the girl who wants that; it is usually the girl who chases the guy. But in Ingrid Michaelson’s song, she talks about how both genders actually chase each other in the end. She believes that the “game” of love is not one sided, where actually, both men chase women as much as men chase women.

Overall, Ingrid Michaelson’s music video exposes a very intriguing point when it comes to gender. It seems that she wanted to show that when it comes to relationships, both men and women are the same and that they strive for the same goal: Love. That is why she dressed all those men up to look like girls.

Source: “Ingrid Michaelson Continues Tradition of Gender-bending Music Videos.”Washington Post. The Washington Post,


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