Gender Role and Sexuality…with Miley Cyrus

University of Maryland’s newspaper post, The Diamondback brought up the ever so popular topic, Gender Roles and Sexuality. Miley Cyrus is one the best examples in this case. She has easily become one of the most talked about people in the world ever since her music videos of twerking. Especially with her music video of her song, “Wrecking Ball,” where she is literally naked and clinging onto a wrecking ball. These series of events really has shown what the music industry has become and is turning into within the last decade. Famous music artists use to be all men. Now, with people like Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé, and Selena Gomez, we are beginning to see a more female dominated music world. And with that, the topic of gender roles and sexuality come into light.

First, the huge issue is gender role. It came up with feminists was Miley’s performances around the world. With her scandalous clothing (if that) and her twerking, she has outraged even women who aren’t identified as feminists. Many women believe that Miley Cyrus is materializing herself and other women; as a thing with the sole purpose of sex. Similarly, most, if not all of Taylor Swift’s songs are about how a guy broke up with her. Many women are distraught because Taylor Swift is defining many women in relationships as being depend on men. Rihanna on the other hand is praised for being able to take charge of her sexuality and even though her songs are controversial on its sexual nature. Now, even some women like Janelle Monáe are standing up for women and challenging the patriarchy in the musical industry with her song, “QUEEN.”

The issue of gender role doesn’t just restraint to women, but also to men. Artists like Rick Ross are under very heavy scrutiny because of many of the songs he wrote. One of Rick Ross’ songs, “U.O.E.N.O” talks about how he raped a girl. Now it may not specifically be referring to Rick Ross himself, it is just the fact that he said it. The idea of rape is that a man is completely dominant of a woman, it is never the idea that a woman rapes a man. This is sort of how many men want the music industry. They want the music industry to be completely dominated by men, not by women. And even though women aren’t dominant in the music industry, the changes are happening. Women are becoming more popular and both sides are fighting for dominance over the music industry.

Source: “Pop Music in 2013 Sparked Debates over Gender Roles and Sexuality.” The Diamondback.


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