Types Of Gender Roles Women Play In Music

Most Chinese pop music, in my eyes, is just some variation of the same theme- romance. The romantic and relatively ordinary kind of love draws you in and filled your heart with warmth. But there is no clear-cut reflection of the gender role. I’ve never thought about the relation between gender and music until now, racking my brain trying to collecting my thoughts about it.

The stereotypical type role that women assume in music is to dance and suggest sex interests towards men, showing their femininity to serve as prop to masculinity. Women, after all, are subjected to men in conventional senses. Sex appeal becomes routine, in other words, practically a requirement in almost every popular music video, especially in hip hop, rap and some rock music. I recently came across Motley Crue’s “Girls, Girls, Girls”. The scene of women dancing for men takes up almost the entire time of…

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