The Gothic Halloween Song

Often named the Prince of Darkness, I thought that the great and famous Ozzy Osbourne would be the best pick when I was looking for a song that would be perfect for the upcoming Halloween. One particular song stood out to me that reminded me of Halloween. Bark at the Moon by Ozzy Osburne is something that I thought from first sight was a good song for Halloween.

First, whenever I think of Halloween, it always reminds me about darkness, evil, or other mythical dark creatures. Especially with the Twilight series, werewolves and vampires have been associated with each other because of their dark and mystical powers. One of the huge stereotypes of Goths are that they are vampires or at least look and dress like ones. The pale, dark clothing, and black makeup probably contributes to that stereotype. The title of the song is what initially gave me the hint of what song to choose. In a stereotypical Halloween movie, there is usually the wolf howling and I always imagine the picture of the wolf howling to the moon with the moon in the background. Thus, that was the first theme that related to Halloween that I saw in the song.

This whole song is about a zombie coming back to life and making noises in the darkness. First, a zombie coming back to life and digging itself out of its grave, is probably the most common decoration for Halloween in the United States. In the song, it says that the zombie is “returned to kill the light” and that “vengeance is boiling” in his veins. This just screams of Halloween to me because that is what I think of when I think of a zombie coming back to life. I think of a zombie apocalypse sort of when I think if Halloween was actually the day where evil and dark, mythical creatures were real. Thus, the whole zombie theme is something that is compelling enough to be THE song for Halloween.

Another theme that kind of goes along with the zombie theme is the death theme, which is a gothic theme. A lot of the lyrics talk about death and things having to do in hell. As we follow the life of this single zombie here we learn that people had “cursed and buried him” thinking that he would burn in hell. But the song turns around saying that the soul of the zombie proved them wrong and that it was able to rise up from the dead and seek vengeance. Thus, this theme of death is a point into suggesting which song would be used for the one and only song of Halloween.

Overall, Ozzy Osbourne’s song Bark at the Moon is the best choice to have when looking at a song that could be THE Halloween song this year. I really think it proves it point to be the song that can be the best this Halloween.


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