This Is Halloween

“This Is Halloween” was covered by Marilyn Manson from the album Nightmare Revisited.  The song is a great choice to spice up your Halloween night. The title itself says it all. It conveys a feeling of excitement and a wonderful sense of expectation. This is Halloween, let’s have some fun!

The rhythm of the song matches the ambience of Halloween. Differ from the typical Marilyn Manson style, which is bloody, dark and always continuing to push the boundaries of “acceptability”, this song has somehow lively rhythm with a playful tone. The rhythmic riff makes you want to dance to it, moving your body and enjoying.  What’s better than some creepy yet up-beat music in Halloween? The strong beat, the stimulating sound of guitar and drum, all of which can contribute greatly in livening the atmosphere in the custom party.

The music video and lyrics depict the holiday scene, including almost everything that represents Halloween. Since it is also a soundtrack of The Nightmare Before Christmas, the music video is presented with cartoon movie characters. Scaring and spooky, the video builds a creepy atmosphere, but not too macabre for children to watch. Werewolves, monsters, ghosts, skeletons, corpses, witches, and devils, these supernatural creatures all show up in both lyrics and video. Trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving, these Halloween traditions are also mentioned in the song. Moreover, the lyrics seem somewhat humorous and interesting to me. They are written in a wickedly funny tone, yet another feature that strengthens the Halloween feeling. The lyrics are like conversations between various supernatural creatures and they take turns to sing their part, giving people a creepy feeling. “This is Halloween, this is Halloween. Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!” The song beckons, drawing you in with its spooky Halloween style and it is definitely worth listening to during this Halloween season.

Marilyn Manson himself, in my opinion, perfectly fits the image for Halloween. With dark clothes, dark eyeliner, black hair, black fingernails his face painted white, Marilyn Manson is like a real-world vampire. This kind of public image makes him a controversial figure in the music industry. He tries to project a black and eerie image, which is an epitome for Halloween. I wonder if he would dress up for Halloween since his everyday look is creepy enough to meet the Halloween standard. His gothic fashion reminds me of Halloween. The eccentric and scaring vampire look can certainly draw crowd’s attention in a Halloween party.

Halloween is a holiday when you put on makeup and costumes and it is a holiday for horror and the dead.  You carve the pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns and play trick-or-treating from door to door on this special day. From its title, rhythm to its lyrics and music video as well as the singer, the song “This Is Halloween” shows that it is an ideal song to play on Halloween. I’ve never celebrated Halloween before and I’ll surely listen to it when I am having my first Halloween.



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