Metal Music – *SCREAMING*

Whether it was Heavy Metal or Light Metal, I just characterized the whole genre of metal as a genre with loud music, chaotic guitar solos, and lots of screaming. Normally when people like music, they either like the actual instrumentals or they like the lyrics (ie; Rap). Thus, I personally didn’t know why people like listening to that kind of music. First, you couldn’t really hear much of the instruments because of all the screaming or growling and second, because the screaming and growling was incomprehensible.

Another stereotype that I gave Metal was that the people who listened to it were really weird and crazy. They put on really scary make-up and had really long hair for men. Often times when I think of metal, I think of the band “Kiss.” Kiss was infamous for their painted white and black faces and their spikey clothing. They also had really long puffy hair and they would head bang a lot. Other than Kiss, most metal bands wear either the same make – up or change it up with color or shape. I sometimes saw some metal bands wearing masks instead of make – up.

Another very strong stereotype in metal is the exorbitant amount of screaming or growling. In my perspective, you can’t understand what they are screaming so there isn’t really point in even screaming. The screaming was actually the main point in which I didn’t like metal as a genre. It distracted from the only thing I might be able to appreciate which was the instrumentals. Thus, I had a very bad impression on metal because of all the screaming and growling.

As far as gender goes, it thought only old, hairy, fat guys listened to it. I couldn’t even imagine what a women would look like if she was a metal fan. When I thought of the people who listened to metal, I thought of people who rode Harley Davidsons with spikes on their cuffs and were not to be messed with. I also thought that in concerts there would be like huge fights and mosh pits and that it would be totally chaotic. A place I wouldn’t really want to go to because I might get trampled.

Overall, my perception of metal wasn’t a very good one and I was very closed to the thought of there even being a meaning to all the screaming and growling. I didn’t really see anyone else listening to it, so I didn’t see a reason into investigating into what this genre was really about.


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