Gender and Music – Relationships

There are mainly two types of people when it comes to listening to music. Whether if it’s on the radio or on your iPod/iPhone, you are either someone who sings obnoxiously loud with the song or you just enjoy the music itself and don’t really listen to lyrics. I definitely fall into the category of just listening to music without actually listening and understanding the lyrics of the song. A big subject especially in music is the idea of gender in music. This applies not only to women and men, but also how they affect people’s conception of each other especially relationally.

In today’s world, being “sexy” is basically the biggest priority in a woman’s life. I don’t think women started out to be like that, but today’s music influence women and girls to want to be like that so that she could get that guy that she wants. Songs from Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj have songs and music videos with them scandalously dressed and wearing little to no clothes on. Songs like Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, is one of the most popular songs by Lady Gaga. In her music video, she is basically a sex slave to put it bluntly. She is drugged, and she is made to dance in front of a ring of men and tries to impress them with her body. Now if we look at Nicki Minaj, we see one of her newest music video’s “Anaconda.” In this video, I would say she is literally wearing nothing. I mean the clothes she is wearing cover nothing but her crotch and a small portion of her breasts.

Now how do those music videos effect women in everyday life? Now being a man, I can’t exactly be for certain how it affects women. Though I can see how I could affect women. In the first music video, Lady Gaga is acting like a sex slave in front of a group of men. Now I will have to say that these men fit the look of a “attractive” looking man. So if I were to take a stand point of a woman, I would think, “well in order to get that kind of man, I have to act like Lady Gaga and at least wear that kind of clothing. That is also with Nicki Minaj’s music video. With her being so scandalously clothed, what kind of impression will this make on woman and even on men?

One of the most prominent pop music artists in the “man’s” side of the spectrum is Jay Z. One of the popular songs he writes is “Run this Town.” Almost all of his songs talk about being a thug and actually running and almost being the king of “this town.” I would say the message I get from this video is that I don’t need to follow the rules and regulations set by the government. Since I run this town, I can do what I want, when I want to. This is the typical “thug” and gangster mentality. Another artist is Kanye West. A song that he wrote is the song “power.” This song goes along with Jay Z’s song where it talks about how Kanye has all the power in the world and that he answers to no one. The music video for some reason shortens the video and the song, but there is still a lot to take away from it. All the video shows is Kanye West being surrounded by scandalously clothed women. Some aren’t even wearing anything and they are just using their hands to cover themselves. To me, this sends a message where guys don’t need to value women and that having multiple women is fine because all they are used for is to show off to your friends how many you have.

Now today’s music is very influential in people and relationships. Especially in music made by men artists, it depicts a very bad picture for relationships. Music in both gender’s pull toward being sexy and having sex basically. Now how does this send a message for people in relationships? It may not be direct, but listening to this kind of music everyday will make to start to behave like it. Relationships start to build around the idea of sex and that if you don’t have sex with me, you don’t really love me. Now for personally I believe the definition of the word “love” is wanting and acting so that the other person can achieve the highest happiness in his or her life. If this is true, relationships shouldn’t be revolved around the idea of sex. In almost every relationship that I have seen, when the relationship revolves around sex, the relationship may last maybe a year or two at max, but in the end, they don’t turn into anything. So in essence, today’s music is preventing people from having a true relationship with each other because many artists today say that sex is everything in a relationship.


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